The Global Prayer Moment

As the world has not yet got medication of the terrible virus (Coronavirus) and many people being in Fear, Panic and Isolation, we have to seek the presence of God like never before, forgive each other, repent for our sins (wrong acts), we need to have faith and believe that all things will be over, and we have to call upon God’s intervention to give us wisdom to overcome this terrible virus.

As World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Coronavirus is Pandemic, this is the same time the world has to declare and dedicate this whole year as “A Global Prayer Moment”. This may be funny in people’s ears, but this is the time to call upon God’s wisdom to intervene in this situation. Global Prayer Moment can be done by every individual alone every day at least to spare some few time to God for his presence to overflow.

We should also follow all the prevention measures shared to us by Health Organization, and also uplifting, protecting of Nature.

I want to send my strength and love to all those who have lost their beloved ones since the outbreak of the virus came, but lets never loss the hope.

When we are all in God’s presence and giving him every little time we have every day, the flowing light and love is going to shine upon this whole world and what we see as darkness right now is going to be over comed.

Remember we are the light of the world so let’s seek God’s presence through having Global Prayer Moment inside ourselves. It’s time for God to say something. Together we can.

Let’s do our best and God do the rest.                 

For God And My Country.

Happy – The Founder of HWMCO.

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