Take Action Now

Become a Fundraiser

Do you own outreach to any organization to which you belong, you can fundraise on your own, with your family, friends, and communities and with group.
Help your child organize an event at school that will benefit HWMCO.
Set a fundraiser at your colleague.

Determine your event and identify your audience.

Think about which people you want to reach or involve.
Choose an activity that reflects the group’s interest.
Make sure you are in compliance with the state/city regulation.
Determine a site, date, number of desired attendees, and what you hope to achieve.

Tell us what you would like to do.

Publicize and Promote your Event.

Network with friends, families, communities and colleagues to gain their support and participation.
Conduct your local newspaper and radio station.
Use social networking sites to send out information on the Event.
Encourage people to donate to the fundraiser if they can’t attend the Event.
Plan to use HWMCO secure PayPal account or set up your own.

After your Fundraiser

Hold a meeting of the Event production Crew to determine what to do next time.
Submit all contributions to HWMCO.
Work with HWMCO to make sure everyone gets a thank you note.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together we can.

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