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The management and the team of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) takes this opportunity to announce our dearest HWMCO – Norwegian Ambassador Mrs. Elin Fogstad. She will be representing the children’s organization in Norway and conducting any activity which will bring developments to the Organization. With the kind heart she has and understanding the meaning of Charity, Equality and Humanity, we are so happy to welcome her on the team as the Ambassador.

Here is a little about her statement;

I am a Norwegian woman, 58 years old and working with a health services in a little city named Kongsberg.

Living in Norway with our western welfare, have made me a lot of times contribute to different sorts of charity projects overseas. I have for a long time had a deeper wish to also seek a more personal involvement and to be able to have more direct and personal communication with the people my help goes too.

One day I found HWMCO on Facebook, I read about the organization and the leader Happy story; the incredible and amazing work he is doing at his young age, his charity/humanitarian work touched my soul deeply and told me: this was what I was searching for.

What brought me and Happy to begin communicating was the burning case we both have, to share/spread Michael Jackson’s legacy with his main messages about “we are all one” and that “love is the answer”. Michael Jackson and his mission here on Earth is the main reason why I am connected to the amazing organization (HWMCO) and Happy too.

To control and know if my help came directly to the right place, I sent my first donation (package) with some clothes, toys and so on to the HWMCO – Organization address, after a while I received photos with both Happy and the children’s smiling faces with my items in their hands. Everything I contribute with, I always get a message back very often with photos to show me what my contribution has been used for which I am so happy of their transparent and honest work done.

I am not afraid to warmly recommend HWMCO to everyone who wants to be part of making and building a better future for these needy vulnerable children. Read about the organization and their leader Happy’s story here;  https://hwmco.org/about/ which gave me inspiration to be part of his mission then you will understand why I do this. I am determined and dedicated to bring positive impact to the organization and Happy’s mission which needs togetherness and joint hands. I am also inspired with theme of “Together We Can” and “It’s all for Love” these all carry powerful meaning of development, humanity, Equality and Charity. I am so grateful to God and Michael Jackson to be connected with an amazing children’s organization (HWMCO) in my life.

The honest, amazing and transparent hard work the organization is doing, children involving in everything Happy does and appreciating the little things I do for them; I am so honored and joyful to be their Ambassador in Norway.

Forever continue to love, heal and educate the children. The future shines on them ……Michael Jackson.

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, then make that change …..Michael Jackson.

Elin Fogstad: HWMCO – Norwegian Ambassador.

Welcome statement from the Founder.

It is such a blessing to see that my story and the work I do brings inspiration and touches lots of people; this is one pillar of change. As long as we continue understanding Humanity, Equality and Charity we shall make the world a better place for everyone to live in and most especially the little children. As Michael Jackson said, if you wanna make the world a better place, we have to look at ourselves and then make that change, because we have the power to make a difference.

With my statement above, as the Founder/Chairperson of HWMCO, I feel humbled to have Elin Fogstad part of my team as our HWMCO – Norwegian Ambassador representing the children and the organization. I trust her and I know a lot of incredible work shall be done. It’s all for Love.

Happy: The Founder of HWMCO

Stay blessed….Stay protected…. Stay safe.

A health life is our better future.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together We Can.

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  1. Thank you so much Happy, the team and all the children in HWMCO. I feel so honored and humbled to be a new member of the team in this wonderful organisation❤️
    I was asked by Happy and the children, and take it both as a challenge and a pleasure to collaborate on this. We have already applied for support from div. Norwegian organizations, and hopes that we can manage to “reach” more supporters. Financial contributions are needed all the time, and especially now that the costs of food and other goods have risen in connection with. with the corona. I want to try to change a little bit the unfair distribution of the world’s goods. 🌻 All small contributions are helpful, and I think it illustrates a photo they sent me as a thank you, just for an umbrella I sent in a postal package – with the text: “It does not rain on us under your umbrella!” The joy is so great, and it takes so little to bring out a smile🌻

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