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With strong rains making serious damages at the current children’s classroom (the room covered with wooden poles, timber, tent cover and iron sheets). Serious plans came on board to change the current place with a strong building. The strong togetherness from the team of HWMCO and the parents, a lot was discussed and planned towards how the new building will be (built with bricks, sand, stones etc).

Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) doing great work in the village, many enthusiastic local came up to participate in the project. This involved an engineer who gave what will be needed to complete the project and the time flame for the whole exercise. As soon as HWMCO team received the required materials, purchasing the starting building materials was made which included cement, sand, Bricks etc.

The first day the team of HWMCO and the Engineer joined hands in assembling and clearing the place where the new classroom will be constructed and later joined by the local team from the village of Buteraniro and other neighboring villages. With the great experience from the engineer and the builders (locals) different measurements were made and recorded of the whole new building, the construction started. With the more additional building materials monitored by the team of HWMCO, the classroom was completed up to the wall plate.

The next was roofing the building with an amazing style not so common in the village i.e, assembling the roofing timbers, payans and vales then later iron sheets. When the whole exercise was done, the doors and windows were added in which all of them were painted in beautiful national flag colors (Uganda, Ireland and Norway). Then plastering the walls of the whole building began which included also making the floor with concrete (sand mixed with cement and stones). Leaving it for almost one week to dry, the painting of the building began with beautiful colors of light blue and Orange reflecting the beauty of the Organization.

Completing everything successfully with joint efforts of the locals and the team of HWMCO, The shade acting as a veranda was later constructed to act as a performing stage where children will be performing their drama, music and the same time protection from direct sun and rain.

The big new classroom building consists of rooms. One big room serves as the activity rooms of the children were activities will be prepared and where groups of children can be given some personal attention in the process of teaching them. In that same room, we created a new black board for educational purposes and the same time meeting room with parents of the children.

The second room acts as a store (stockroom) for materials used for children and also food used for the children when at the location, at the same time it acts as a store for the brass-band music instruments.

The other two rooms acts as sleeping room for only children who are abused, violated, and sick who need proper care and monitoring where they will stay. Any child to be accepted to stay at the location has to be approved by HWMCO.

The team of HWMCO, thanks all the local team in the villages who participated in making the great work and also appreciating the support received from our close friends in Ireland, Norway and England. With the power of togetherness we have made a beautiful project.

 Photo slides of the whole exercise of the project.

Some of the Children’s Story

I am by names Arikiriza Precious from Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO). On behalf of all the Girls of the Organization we are very happy with our new children’s good classroom building painted with so many beautiful colors.

We are happy for the good achievement because before we used to be disturbed by strong winds, rain and insects biting our bums when sitting down but right now that problem was solved because we are so safe in our new classroom; we sit also on a well-built floor ground. In the future we hope we can get also some chairs and we sit more comfortable.

We love our Organization and when we grow up, we shall do exactly what we are learning from it and everything their teaching us we shall teach them to other fellow children.

May the good God bless Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) and all the people who support us and all our dear friends. We love you all very much.

Arikiriza Precious & all the Girls of HWMCO

My names are Niwamanya Hanigtone; When I joined Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO), I was still very young. The place was in the tent, but through the hard work of the Organization and the team, it set up a local room which was built with woods and covered with blue tent cover. With situation in the weather the blue tent cover was destroyed and they replaced it with Orange cover. Problems such as strong winds, heavy rainfall could disturb us.

With God’s Grace and support from good friends, a beautiful big classroom building was constructed. I thank Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) for helping and taking good care of us all children. On behalf of other children we are extremely very…very happy, we now no longer feel coldness, all the activities of the Organization are moving very well and fantastic.

Thank you Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) for the good work done to us all the children, and we thank all the supporters, friends who follow us and loving our Organization. We have a safe place which is HWMCO. God bless you all.

Nuwamanya Hanigtone – Child of HWMCO

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