Grateful for Generous Donation of New Solar Panels at the New Children’s Building.

With our hearts concentrating on the building of HWMCO Neverland slowly by slowly, some amazing Ugandan friends following always our work at the website joint hands and surprised everyone by donating five strong solar panels with its full accessories. The work was done by local business company of Kazo Electrons, doing also the full installations.

The timing for all the work done was so perfect since the New big building added to the location in combination with the construction of the water collection system had be realized.

It means that the entire location, both inside and outside can now be lighted, also devices (phone, computer, laptop and television) can from now on much easier be used, charged and on top of all that the children can now from time to time sit together and enjoy watching educational movies, see different photos and amongst others.

Photo slide of the activity done

The greatest also the security lights outside have created a big opportunity to the local people, they can move freely at night now with no fear.

The team and the children of HWMCO are most grateful for this absolutely generous donation by the joint efforts of the amazing Ugandan friends and the local company in Kazo district.

Since we are still in the pandemic, we continue praying for everyone, and lets stay safe.

A health life is our better future.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together We Can.

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