Gift of television and the stellate Dstv.

With many developments at the location, it was on the 25th-Dec-2020 (Birthday of the Founder of HWMCO) a donation of the television and the Dstv Stellate was gifted to HWMCO from joint efforts from Ugandan friends and HWMCO-Norwegian Ambassador contributing on the building of HWMCO-Neverland.

All the work and installation was done by a private company in Kazo after a long way of ordering a television from Kampala and transported to the children’s location. The timing of the television was perfect and it’s going to be used for entertainment towards the children at the location. This involves Kids educational programs (lessons conducted online), wildlife documentaries and kids programs (Cartoons and Movies)

Photoslides of the whole exercise

With the strong love, care and support from friends, the team and the children from HWMCO are most grateful for this amazing donation of the television and stellate Dstv.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together We Can.

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