Finally HWMCO Children’s water catchment system is completed.

With the article posted on 7th-March-2020 ( children and the Village deserve drinking water); another goal finally of a big water catchment system of 12,000litres tank has been achieved at the children’s location. The goal was achieved with the financial support from the Ireland team (Humanitarian visit), Elin, and the help from the local people and the company of Muka which delivered the Crest tank with all the materials of the system.

Uganda receiving 500mm to 2500mm of rainfall and with having now the water catchment system in place, a lot of children’s lives are going to be changed. This is going to provide a large platform on reducing various number diseases like Typhoid, Diarrhoeal and children having big berries and the greatest of all the children are free from fetching and using of the ditched valley water again.

Note; with our long term plan of building the Miracle Joy Center, with additional projects when realized; Permanent water system will be in place and will supply water to all the five villages neighboring Buteraniro Village.

As the team of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken part in making our goal realized. We are so grateful and a lot we shall achieve together. The children are so happy with their water catchment system in place.

Here are some of the photo slides of the amazing water catchment system

With great excitements, here are some of the stories of appreciation towards the great achievement of the water catchment system at the HWMCO Location.

Good news…good news; I am called Arinaitwe Bryan a child of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO). Many of the times I was so tired of using the ditch valley water because it was so dirty and not clean, many animals cold come and drink from it which was not safe for me and even all the children. One day me and other children shared it to our good leader, the Founder of HWMCO and he gave us a promise that he will try his level best to do something about it.

At this moment I am extremely joyful, what we shared to the Founder of HWMCO has come true. This is my first time to see such a big water tank which is so big like an elephant. The tank came in the right time because right now the rain is falling at our location of HWMCO.

Having now good clean water from the rain, I and other children can now take bath with the good water at our location. It was so difficult before because mostly we were using the ditch valley water. Now we can bath many times. We now also take good boiling water got from the tank, even our clothes are washed with good water.

With all these wonderful news I have shared with you above, I really thank God for blessing us with the water catchment system and I thank all those who have supported Heal The World Miracle Community Organization to do all this amazing work at our location. May the good Lord be with you all. I am so happy.

Hello Everyone, I am called Okello Abel one of the Organization team member of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) the Pearl of children’s Peace, Joy and Love; I am extremely happy for the great achievement and progress of the water catchment system done at the children’s location. Since the Founder of HWMCO shared the situation of water problem a lot has been assembled in place; this included making order of bringing the Crest water tank, and other materials to be used which included Cater, connectors, valley box, timbers, cement etc. it was a huge exercise to be completed but finally it was done with great support of the local people.

The children of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO-Children) will no longer use or drink the ditch contaminated valley water, now they will be using clean drinking water from the water catchment system after boiling it. As Heal The World Miracle Community Organization is there to bring joy in the children’s lives; now a new life has come to the children.

Water is life; and I really thank everyone who has joined the team of HWMCO in making the goal to be achieved. Let’s continue joining hands to build the future of these innocent needy vulnerable children to have a honest living. God bless you all.

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  1. I am so happy for this, and so grateful for being abel to contribute in this wonderful clean-water-project. Thank God. Together we can!

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