HWMCO’s mission is to build the future of the needy vulnerable children and defending their rights in Uganda especially in rural areas by providing them a paradise (Home), education, creating and teaching them life skills, music, love, peace and Unity thus improving their present and future lives and having a honest living.

Offering these children several activities will help them to find and develop their talents which will enable them to build themselves that better future. It is most important for children that they are given the motivations that will encourage them to start dreaming of their futures, and put goals for themselves. A lot of attention is paid to the meaning of Love, Peace and Unity, and also Music plays an important role.
Short term goals.

Purchasing a set of music drums to be used by the children of HWMCO.

Long term goals.

Step 1: Expanding the land: To realize all future plans it is of great importance that first of all the size of the land is expanded. This can be achieved by purchasing surrounding land from other people in the village of Mbaba.

Step 2: Building experts visiting the place: Once the land has been expanded as needed, a building expert can visit the place to determine which part of the land will be the most suitable to build a home on. The availability of water will be of huge importance in this, because the home will include water.

Following his findings, the building expert (architect) can produce a detailed drawing of the building. Also, a definite plan about how to use other parts of the land (soccer field, garden, farm, etc.) can then be made.

Step 3: Building Miracle Joy Centre: The Miracle Joy Centre will contain several rooms from which activities can take place without interfering with other activities. It shall contain a computer room, a sewing room, a medical room, a theatre, a craft room, a library, a kitchen, a dinner room, a fitness room, a storage room, one or two office rooms, toilets. Also a parking place for cars will be included.

 Step 4: Adding projects: When the Miracle Joy Centre has been completed, several projects will be added. For example:

Soccer field;

Basketball field;

Softball place;

Farm, part of which will be a chicken farm, but also some cows will be there;

Gardens; a recreational place where children can relax, but from where also ceremonies like weddings, birthday parties, or any other events can be held;. The garden will be surrounded by (fruit) trees flowers;

Step 5: Miracle Joy Orphanage: Finally, the Miracle Joy Orphanage will be build, with the help of the building experts. It will mainly have bedrooms for orphans to sleep, along with sanitary.

Are you interested in receiving the detailed long plan of HWMCO explaining all what we have mentioned above, please just send an email at Hwmcorg@outlook.com.

Every contribution, support, no matter how small, will of course be highly appreciated.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.

Here are some of the suggestions for ways to contribute to HWMCO.

1. Make a one-time gift or Monthly Sustaining donation.
2. School fees fund

The School Fees Fund is there to support the vulnerable needy children in their education. This is only for Primary level, mainly Nursery class to primary seven.

Education is the key to success.

3. Brass and Wind wood Instruments

We welcome every instrument of all kinds both new and old which are in good condition to be played by the children during their Music skills and trainings. With children born as musicians, Africa is blessed with talented musician and children deserve the opportunity to experience the joy of Music.

The list of Instruments for our “Miracle Youth Brass Band” (MYBB)
  • Trumpets
  • Side drums
  • Trombones
  • Saxophones
  • Bass drums
  • Drum sticks
  • Cornets

Every donation made changes the life of a child.

4. Support our building fund of MJ-Center.

The Miracle Joy Center will be the place which will save hundreds of children who are suffering with various problems in their lives. This includes children who have no families/ relatives, those who were affected by wars, those who live on street, those who don’t have food to eat, those who don’t go to school, those who were affected by domestic violence and discrimination, those who have no access to clean good water, those lacking clothes and lastly those who want to receive true love and associating with other fellow children across the world. All children will be given free access and freedom to participate in positive and developmental skills and talents for their good future.

First is expanding the land; to realize all future plans it is of great importance that first of all the size of the land is expanded. This can be achieved by purchasing surrounding land from other people in the village. Any contribution is highly appreciated

4. Other Materials.

These include shoes, clothes, bags, balls, and puzzles amongst others which are in good condition and for all ages. It will be welcomed with great joy and love by the children. No gift is too small.

Every donation made changes the life of a child.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.
Bank Details to transfer money to HWMCO Children’s Bank Account.
  1. Bank Name:          Barclays Bank of Uganda LTD
  2. Branch Name:       Kampala Road
  3. Account Number:  6006221112
  4. Account Name:     Heal The World Miracle Community Organization
  5. Bank Swift Code:  BARCUGKX

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.