Children’s New Brassband Drums at their Location Of HWMCO.

The Goal of having the children’s new brassband Drums has been achieved. Ever since we started the Miracle Joy Brassband (MJ-Brassband) the activity was conducted with only one drum which was donated to the Founder of HWMCO during his visit in the Netherlands (Holland). With the generous support, more drums have been added/ purchased. The achieved goal has increased and encouraged the children to experience the joy of making music and developing their musical talents.

Here are some of the stories of the children who love drumming and their excitement on the new drums in their lives.

Asasira Mercy

My name is Asasira Mercy a child of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization. In my life I liked and loved drumming very much but I had no opportunity. I used drumming small old jericans when other fellow children are singing, it was so amazing. In the village to see a modern drum is so difficult, the most common ones are the local traditional drums but also they are so difficult to get and expensive.

Since Miracle Joy Brass-band was introduced in the village of Buteraniro my hope increased because I knew one day my dream of drumming is going to come true. Finally the drums were purchased and brought to us to start drumming. I couldn’t believe that I was given a drum and also to be part of the brassband. I thank Heal The World Miracle Community Organization for giving me the opportunity to start drumming and making my dream come true. I want to continue drumming until I become professional and also being a good leader to other children. I thank also those who have supported the Organization to buy for us the drums. I love you all very much. Now I can drum with a big smile on my face.

Seruramukama Honest.

I am called Seruramukama Honest a child (girl) of Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO). Since I was young I never got the chance to see brassband and also having a thought of drumming one day, but as a child I liked drumming small old bottles. When the Founder of HWMCO selected me to be part of the brassband, I was so surprised; I couldn’t believe because I thought the brassband was for only the boys.

I was extremely happy that the opportunity of drumming the real drums has come to me. I shared the new experience with my mother and telling her of the new drums they are going to bring for us. The good news now, I am having my new drum, I feel so joyful and I thank Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) for everything is doing for us we the children and I thank all the supporters and friends who love our Organization. I no longer drum the small old bottles, now I have the real drum. Glory be to God. I send many hugs to everyone who is reading my joyful story of having my new drum. HWMCO long live forever and ever.

With HWMCO (Miracle Joy Brassband) children becoming more and more experienced, they will start soon to perform as real brassband in public, that way generating some income for the Organization which can be re-invested in goals to achieve for the Organization.

Please watch the latest video of Lion In The Juggle played by the children. Enjoy it. It’s all for LOVE.


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Together We Can.

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  1. So much JOY – love to see this Happy – all of you are so clever and beautifuly with warm hearts and smiles!

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