Building of HWMCO Neverland to Provide safety and Protection to the children from COVID-19.

With HWMCO Children being in fear since the Ministry of Health announced the first cases of death of corona on 31st-July-2020 in Uganda, many of the registered HWMCO children want to be living/ staying at the location for their security and health of their lives.

Briefly Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) is an independent grassroot registered charity Organization founded in 2011 to build a better future for the needy vulnerable children and defending their rights to have a honest living. It was founded by Happy after inspiration from Michael Jackson and it has 57 children under its care in which 28 are girls and 29 remaining are boys. Here they go to school, play instruments, play games and have fun with safe adults around them all the time.

As HWMCO our focus now is on the purpose of Building HWMCO Neverland of which is focused on three things/goals.

Safety & Protection for all children; Since corona-virus has not yet killed any children, and putting into consideration of the location being little small to accommodate the registered number of HWMCO children, this made the team to look into its plans of adjusting on the already things which are at the location which will make the children free, united and be in one position to do what their heart loves. With the full monitoring and following the criteria of the Ministry of Health it will maintain the security and the health lives of the children because it will prevent the unnecessary movements.

Currently since the pandemic break in a lot of things and lives changed. There is always a challenge of food, good medical care and needy things for the children.

Heaven & Paradise for all Children; Most of the children need the care, and the humbleness of being loved like any other child, with feeling the love it increase their potential greatness in all fields and prosperity is the key foundation to their success and living. The place will have all the facilities that the children will enjoy very much until they grow up and become leaders of nations.

Pearl of children’s Joy, Peace & Love; With adjustments of the location; HWMCO Neverland will be the place which will save children who are suffering with various problems in their lives. These include; children who have no families/relatives, Those who were affected by wars, Those who live on street, Those who don’t have food to eat, Those who don’t go to school, Those who are affected by domestic violence and discrimination, Those who have no access to clean good water, Those lacking clothes and lastly those who want to receive true love and associating with other fellow children across the world. All children will be given free access and freedom to participate in positive and developmental skills and talents for their good future.

With the spirit of together we can and believing in togetherness, a lot we can achieve when we join hands together.

Coming together is A beginning, Keeping together is A progress, Working together is A success, Together we can is A heaven, And heaven is HWMCO.

Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) the Pearl of Children’s Peace, Joy and Love.

Building HWMCO Neverland

Safety & Protection / Heaven & Paradise / Pearl Of Children's Joy, Peace & Love
It's for love

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together We Can.

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  1. I’ve been a huge Michael Jackson fan, supporter, and defender since I was about three years old and he released the BAD album. Even at such a young age, I recognized his genius level talent and at 36 years old now I’m still listening on repeat. Since becoming an adult, I continue amazed of who MJ was as a real person and how he describes his view of the world and his message of spreading love and equality. He describes himself as striving to be the way Jesus is in the Bible. By doing whatever he could to help the children, feed the hungry, heal the planet, etc and to just spread love. He used his worldwide platform of being The King of Pop to spread his message and raise money for charity.
    I love that his legacy serves as inspiration for not just what I strive to be like personally but also amazing organizations like this. I’m looking for where I can purchase the “Miracle” book and I can’t wait to get it in!

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