HWMCO Children

HWMCO - Girls

These are the official registered children under Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) and Miracle Youth Soccer Academy.

With our future plans, we shall add more children when the goal of Miracle Joy Center and Miracle Joy Orphanage is realized.

It’s all for love and benefit of the needy vulnerable children:

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together we can.


Its Happy Greeting You

As the Founder of HWMCO; First of all, let me please welcome you warmly to the website of our “Heal the World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO). I hope you will enjoy reading about all that we do to build many needy children a better future.

In my country, Uganda, my official name is Mbabazi Francis Happy, but the people around me know me as Happy Diho Mbabazi Jr. "Happy" stands for Joy and Peace “Diho” is a Lugandan word, meaning both “Miracle” and “Love”. People started adding it to my name, because of the way I had changed many children’s lives and JR means Jehovah and Rain.

Ever since I was a little boy I was aware that I loved to help people. Especially seeing how many children around me were suffering from the poor circumstances they were living in was hurting me tremendously. Yet, coming from a poor family myself, I felt I needed to focus on them first of all. I was the second youngest of many siblings, but I felt most responsible for my family, and at a young age I started selling jackfruits to earn us a living. We were lucky to have a jackfruit tree in our garden, so I could sell the fruits from that very tree. I struggled tremendously, while moving from village to village to get my fruits sold, but most importantly, I succeeded in earning the necessary money from which my family could survive.
After having sold fruits during several years, I started dancing to earn my family a living. I danced on the streets, sometimes on parties, and succeeded in supporting my family this way also. I worked very hard to learn several dance styles. At some point I then became aware of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and started training to dance like him. With people more and more appreciating my dancing like Michael Jackson, I then started earning more money. Today, while looking back, I realize that it was from this point, somewhere around 2010, that my life definitely started to change for the better.

The success I had with my dancing like Michael motivated me to start researching the man and everything he had achieved during his life. I found out about the wonderful loving, caring person that Michael had always been, which in the end resulted in me making a pledge to my own life. I pledged that, no matter what would happen, I was going to help thousands of people, mainly focusing on children. It was at that point that I, being 14 years old at that time, started working on what would become my “Heal the World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO). I clearly realized that I had been blessed with the gift of bringing joy into people’s, especially children’s lives. I couldn’t bear the thought that other children would have to go through the many struggles I had to experience as a child.
My organization is located both in Uganda’s capital Kampala and in a small village, called Mbaba, in the Kiruhura district. Starting in 2016, due to future prospects I returned home with from a trip to Europe, the main focus will be on the children of Uganda and achieving my Goal of bringing Joy to the children and have a Dream home where they will be filled as a family. Several team members are assisting me with the running of the organization. Through the organization we aim at helping needy and vulnerable children.

With the motto from HWMCO being, “We Build for the Future”, we focus on teaching the children the importance of Peace, Unity, Education, Music, and not to forget, Love. Raising their awareness of the importance of these will help the children to find and develop their talents which will enable them to become successful and have a prosperous future.

Should you be wondering how you can help, please know that every kind of support that directly or indirectly adds to the well-being of the children will be highly appreciated. No donation made to our organization that is given from a loving heart is ever too small.

Happy Francis Mbabazi - Founder of HWMCO

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.


The Republic of Uganda is the official name known as the Pearl of Africa, located in Eastern Africa. It is boarded by Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Tanzania in the south and Rwanda in southwest.

Life is hard for many families and children with many problems which affect their lives. The children grow up with no hope, unclean water for drinking; spending their time looking for Food, All nights they lie naked in the cold without clothing and covering. They survive only on one meal a day, No Education making the children to look for money at a tender age. Their lives are surrounded with difficulties and weary nights of misery which makes them run away from their homes forever because of crying for help which is very far away crushed by domestic violence with no one to defend them and the poor situation in their homes. Negative thoughts have been planted in their imagination making their lives destroyed and wasted. We have so far managed to share time with 75 families and we observed that they need a strong foundation.

We strive to teach the importance of Peace, Unity, Love, Education, Music and development talents to make their lives Successful with a prosperous Future.

With the Power of together we can, and joining hands we can make a difference. You can give a hungry man a fish and feed him for one day, but you can also teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a Progress, Working together is a Success, Together we can is a Heaven, And Heaven is HWMCO (Heal The World Miracle Community Organization)

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together we can!

HWMCO Mission

HWMCO’s mission is to build the future of the needy vulnerable children and defending their rights in Uganda especially in rural areas by providing them a paradise (Home), education, creating and teaching them life skills, music, love, peace and Unity thus improving their present and future lives and having a honest living.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.


Welcome to Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) the Pearl of Children’s Joy, Peace and Love. Here is a wonderful detailed meaning of HWMCO children’s Logo.

The Blue color on “Heal The World” represents water and sky which symbolizes Life and Truth.

The Yellow color in the circle represents Sunshine which symbolizes the bright future of the children full of success.

The Global symbolizes; the greatness of Peace, Love and Unity for all categories/kinds of persons. Meaning, no discrimination, no hate and no racism.

The people joining hands represents a family which symbolizes the strongest pillar of togetherness in bringing development and starts with Father, Mother, Child and later spreads to the community.

The white color on “Miracle” symbolizes Success and Joy.

The Red color on “Community Organization” symbolizes brotherhood and sisterhood. Meaning we are all one in bringing development.

The Green color symbolizes Vegetation and Nature. Meaning we have to protect nature, wildlife and the environment.

Lastly; The two different hands symbolizes ‘Together we can’ bring development, Peace, Love, Unity and Joy in the world thus Building the future of children.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future

Together we can.

HWMCO Legal Information

HWMCO International Flags

We are more than proud to announce the five hoisted flags at HWMCO children’s location. The flags that are found at the location are the Ugandan flag, American flag, the Ireland flag, the Dutch flag and lastly the Israel flag. All the five flags have special reasons.

The Ugandan Flag

The Ugandan flag symbolizes the home country which is the Pearl of Africa full of Peace and Love amongst the children. The country where I started the Organization and where so many poor and vulnerable children need help to build them a better future.

The American Flag

The American flag represents all the good friends in America who have a big heart of helping and charity. It also symbolizes to honor Michael Jackson who has been my absolute inspiration to start my HWMCO children’s Organization. Not only will Micheal Jackson’s qualities as the biggest artist of the world never be equaled, also he will simply never been forgotten for the great humanitarian he has been throughout his life. Micheal Jackson has changed the lives of many needy and vulnerable people, many of them children a better future through my organization.

The Irish Flag

The Irish flag symbolizes the great friends, families and people from Ireland who understand the meaning of charity and also representing the togetherness as one true family.

The Dutch Flag

The Dutch flag symbolizes all the Dutch people who have the heart of charity and representing the Dutch family which I visited and welcomed me as well as them loving the Organization I am running in Uganda.

The Israel Flag

The Israel flag symbolizes God’s love upon the children and HWMCO Organization and also represents the Israel people, families who have the heart of Charity and supporting children.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.
Together we can.


Organization Postal Address.

Heal The World Miracle Community Organization,
P.O.Box 73692, Clock Tower,
Kampala – Uganda (Africa)
Contact Person: Happy
Tel: +256777318761
Website: www.hwmco.org

HWMCO - We Build For The Future.
Together we can.


Established 2015

Heal the World Miracle Community Organization started after the tremendous life Happy Mbabazi Francis passed through when he was a little boy. He had a huge responsibility of his family which made him do all kinds of Jobs he called work. This included selling jackfruit, collecting both plastic and metallic materials, fetching water for people and dancing on street. All the work he did was full of hardship and discrimination, he never gave up. Through the life he lived doing such jobs at his tender age, he saw many different children on the streets begging, crying for hunger, no clothes, drinking dirty water, however much he was in the same situation like them, he felt touch and made a pledge to his life, that when God bless him, no matter what would happen he will help thousands of children to have a better life and not passing through many struggles what he experienced as child.

His success came when he started dancing on street and later discovered one great person who is his inspiration that’s the Legend “Michael Jackson” he learnt some dance skills from him which he presented to his friends and later to the community. This made him earn some money which was later donated to pay up the hospital bills for a child who was dying of Pneumonia. His mission started already when he was a little boy, until when he discovered more about Michael Jackson of the true caring and giving heart he had for the children and also his music of true message. From that time, it marked the start of his journey of helping the children more and more. Those results from his caring, loving and joyful face and heart gave birth to HWMCO.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future

Together we can.