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As the Founder of HWMCO; First of all, let me please welcome you warmly to the website of our “Heal the World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO). I hope you will enjoy reading about all that we do to build many needy children a better future.

In my country, Uganda, my official name is   Mbabazi Francis Happy, but the people around me know me as Happy Diho Mbabazi Jr. "Happy" stands for Joy and Peace “Diho” is a Lugandan  word, meaning both “Miracle” and “Love”. People started adding it to my name, because of the way I had changed many children’s lives and JR means Jehovah and Rain.

Ever since I was a little boy I was aware that I loved to help people. Especially seeing how many children around me were suffering from the poor circumstances they were living in was hurting me tremendously. Yet, coming from a poor family myself, I felt I needed to focus on them first of all. I was the second youngest of many siblings, but I felt most responsible for my family, and at a young age I started selling jackfruits to earn us a living. We were lucky to have a jackfruit tree in our garden, so I could sell the fruits from that very tree. I struggled tremendously, while moving from village to village to get my fruits sold, but most importantly, I succeeded in earning the necessary money from which my family could survive.

After having sold fruits during several years, I started dancing to earn my family a living. I danced on the streets, sometimes on parties, and succeeded in supporting my family this way also. I worked very hard to learn several dance styles. At some point I then became aware of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and started training to dance like him. With people more and more appreciating my dancing like Michael Jackson, I then started earning more money. Today, while looking back, I realize that it was from this point, somewhere around 2010, that my life definitely started to change for the better.

The success I had with my dancing like Michael motivated me to start researching the man and everything he had achieved during his life. I found out about the wonderful loving, caring person that Michael had always been, which in the end resulted in me making a pledge to my own life. I pledged that, no matter what would happen, I was going to help thousands of people, mainly focusing on children.

It was at that point that I, being 14 years old at that time, started working on what would become my “Heal the World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO). I clearly realized that I had been blessed with the gift of bringing joy into people’s, especially children’s lives. I couldn’t bear the thought that other children would have to go through the many struggles I had to experience as a child.

My organization is located both in Uganda’s capital Kampala and in a small village, called Mbaba, in the Kiruhura district. Starting in 2016, due to future prospects I returned home with from a trip to Europe, the main focus will be on the children of Uganda and achieving my Goal of bringing Joy to the children and have a Dream home where they will be filled as a family. Several team members are assisting me with the running of the organization. Through the organization we aim at helping needy and vulnerable children.

With the motto from HWMCO being, “We Build for the Future”, we focus on teaching the children the importance of Peace, Unity, Education, Music, and not to forget, Love. Raising their awareness of the importance of these will help the children to find and develop their talents which will enable them to become successful and have a prosperous future.

Should you be wondering how you can help, please know that every kind of support that directly or indirectly adds to the well-being of the children will be highly appreciated. No donation made to our organization that is given from a loving heart is ever too small.

Happy Francis Mbabazi

Founder of HWMCO

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together we can.

heal the world

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