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Welcome to Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) the Pearl of children’s Peace, Joy and Love. Here are the dedicated members and Volunteers of HWMCO.

Happy Francis Mbabazi  (Founder, Chairperson)

hwmco HWMCO was founded in 2011 for the purpose of building a better future for the needy vulnerable children and defending their rights to have a honest living. Ever since I was a little boy I was aware that I loved to help people. Especially seeing many children around me suffering from the poor circumstance they were living in hurt me tremendously, yet coming from a poor family myself, I felt I needed to focus on them first of all. I had a huge responsibility of my family which made do all kinds of jobs I called work, which included selling jackfruit, collecting both plastic and metallic materials, fetching water for people and dancing on street. All the work I did was full of hardship, hate and discrimination. But through never giving up and doing such jobs at my tender age, my heart grew stronger in charity.

As I liked dancing, at some point I became aware of Michael Jackson. His dances and music motivated me to start researching the man and everything he had achieved during his life. I found out about the wonderful loving, caring person that Michael Jackson had always been. With all the poor circumstance I went through and seeing children begging, crying for hunger, no clothes, drinking dirty water, others homeless and sleeping outside and the true love and heart Michael Jackson gave to the children made me make a pledge to my own life, I pledged that, no matter what would happen, I was going to help thousands of people, both children and adults.

It was that point that I being 14 years old at that time, started working on what would become my “Heal The World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO), I clearly realized that I had been blessed with the gift of bringing joy into people’s lives especially children’s lives. I couldn’t bear the thought that other children would have to go through the many struggles I had to experience as a child.

I believe in togetherness, development, justice, unity, peace, spreading love and building the future of the needy vulnerable children. You and I can make the world a better place for the children. It begins with one step and that step begins with you. I welcome you all to Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO), the Pearl of children’s joy, peace and love.
Together we can!

Angella Kyalampe  (Advisor)

donate As charity begins at home, the journey of development and success is in the future of the children. Ever since Happy started “Heal The World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO) I didn’t put much of the attention, but as a parent with the heart of mother, I saw the true love of a child in Happy and how he loved his Charity work. I am so proud of Happy, HWMCO Families and friends. I truly support the goals of the Organization.

With the Love, Care and Kindness of a mother, it contributes a lot on the future of a child.

Okello Abel  (Organization Manager)

donate Ever since my childhood, my life has been so hard. I didn’t know about charity until when I met Happy in 2014. He introduced me to the world of togetherness and sharing since then my life was totally changed and transformed, that’s why I am part of “Heal The World Miracle Community Organization” (HWMCO) and I believe in development thus building the future of the needy vulnerable children.

Kahema Jahmedin   (Football coach (MYSA) and Member)

donate Ever since I became part of HWMCO and Happy’s mission; children became part of my life. Many children are neglected, abandoned, and left with a lonely life, but the more I get in touch with the children the more I get inspired and motivated.
Through MYSA, I came to know more about their life experiences their family background and their hardest part in life. The games and sports has given them hope, unity, love and joy. Through Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World Song’ and the words in it touched me deeply in my heart, and rise the joy, love, peace the children get at HWMCO.

All the board and members from HWMCO are not paid. It’s all about Charity, Humanity and Equality. All donations received goes directly to the goals of HWMCO. MORE TEAM MEMBERS

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