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Miracle Youth Soccer Academy

Miracle Youth Soccer Academy is an Academy which started with one ball with 5 slum kids. It is working now with all kinds of children of all ages. Miracle Youth Soccer Academy has turned out to be a safe heaven for many children from Kampala slum who are seen to be seriously at risk of ending up on wrong tracks, inviting them to join the training allows them not only to spread their time in a joyful way, but also developing their soccer skills. We consider soccer a wonderful way to bring unity, it is a game you can play everywhere in the world. We enjoy noticing how the children are developing their talents and how this helps them to start dreaming of the future.

The academy has changed hundreds of children of all kinds. The kids keep on surprising of the good performance they make at tournament. We have more than 50 children both primary and secondary on scholarship. These are scholarships offered to them of their football talent.

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