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Welcome to Heal The World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) the Pearl of Children’s Joy, Peace and Love. Here is a wonderful detailed meaning of HWMCO children’s Logo.

The Blue color on “Heal The World” represents water and sky which symbolizes Life and Truth.

The Yellow color in the circle represents Sunshine which symbolizes the bright future of the children full of success.

The Global symbolizes; the greatness of Peace, Love and Unity for all categories/kinds of persons. Meaning, no discrimination, no hate and no racism.

The people joining hands represents a family which symbolizes the strongest pillar of togetherness in bringing development and starts with Father, Mother, Child and later spreads to the community.

The white color on “Miracle” symbolizes Success and Joy.

The Red color on “Community Organization” symbolizes brotherhood and sisterhood. Meaning we are all one in bringing development.

The Green color symbolizes Vegetation and Nature. Meaning we have to protect nature, wildlife and the environment.

Lastly; The two different hands symbolizes ‘Together we can’ bring development, Peace, Love, Unity and Joy in the world thus Building the future of children.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future

Together we can.

heal the world

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