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HWMCO History

Heal the World Miracle Community Organization started after the tremendous life Happy Mbabazi Francis passed through when he was a little boy. He had a huge responsibility of his family which made him do all kinds of Jobs he called work. This included selling jackfruit, collecting both plastic and metallic materials, fetching water for people and dancing on street. All the work he did was full of hardship and discrimination, he never gave up. Through the life he lived doing such jobs at his tender age, he saw many different children on the streets begging, crying for hunger, no clothes, drinking dirty water, however much he was in the same situation like them, he felt touch and made a pledge to his life, that when God bless him, no matter what would happen he will help thousands of children to have a better life and not passing through many struggles what he experienced as child.

His success came when he started dancing on street and later discovered one great person who is his inspiration that’s the Legend “Michael Jackson” he learnt some dance skills from him which he presented to his friends and later to the community. This made him earn some money which was later donated to pay up the hospital bills for a child who was dying of Pneumonia. His mission started already when he was a little boy, until when he discovered more about Michael Jackson of the true caring and giving heart he had for the children and also his music of true message. From that time, it marked the start of his journey of helping the children more and more. Those results from his caring, loving and joyful face and heart gave birth to HWMCO.

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