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I am honoured to be asked to write the foreword for Happy Diho Mbabazi’s recent memoir of his struggle against the odds to build an organization to help the children of Uganda and in doing so remember the legacy of Michael Jackson. Michael was someone whom I am privileged to have called my friend, somebody who often stood alone to fend for the children in the world. He was very troubled by the suffering in this continent and in fact his first words to me when we met were “Thank you so much for helping the people of Africa’.

I had been to Africa and seen the devastation of the plague of HIV first hand and when we discussed it with him, there were tears in his eyes and he said we had to do something together for the people of Africa. Sadly, these events were not to happen and the world lost one of its great humanitarians. Like the author, Michael Jackson brought light where there was darkness, hope where there was despair; he never turned away from cruelty when he could give compassion.

I recently opened an orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia and the words that I spoke that day to the children and dignitaries are as relevant here ‘Michael Jackson felt the pain of the hungry children of Africa who were walking for miles with swollen bellies, dying without dignity in the night as the rest of the world emptied its supermarket food waste into the bins of New York, London and Dublin. He knew and felt deeply about a continent ravaged by civil war and pestilence. There are times when we all feel that God has abandoned this world; south Sudan, some 100,000 people are facing starvation, with a million more on the brink of famine. The UN has warned that 6.2m people are at risk of famine in Somalia, with several million more facing the same fate in Yemen and parts of north-eastern Nigeria. Well, I say to you here today that there is a God who looks down on all of this wrong and he brought us an angel in the form of Michael Jackson to help solve it.

The author’s Heal the World Miracle Community Organization is a testimony to the Humanitarian legacy of Michael Jackson, build through love and hopefully it will be remembered by generations as yet unborn. This is a story of regeneration of the human spirit here in the heart of Africa, a part of the world that was very dear to the great singer. Let’s be grateful to God that He sent such a person to live amongst us for a while and leave us this wonderful legacy. We cannot be indifferent to the wrongs in this world that we see around us. Remember the words of his ‘Man in the Mirror’

‘I see the kids in the street with not enough to eat Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs?
They follow each other on the wind ya know?
Cause they got nowhere to go….

Well now they have somewhere to go- it’s here. It’s called Heal the World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO)

Dr. Patrick Treacy

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