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HWMCO International Flags

We are more than proud to announce the five hoisted flags at HWMCO children's location. The flags that are found at the location are the Ugandan flag, American flag, the Ireland flag, the Dutch flag and lastly the Israel flag. All the five flags have special reasons.

The Ugandan Flag


The Ugandan flag symbolizes the home country which is the Pearl of Africa full of Peace and Love amongst the children. The country where I started the Organization and where so many poor and vulnerable children need help to build them a better future.

The American Flag


The American flag represents all the good friends in America who have a big heart of helping and charity. It also symbolizes to honor Michael Jackson who has been my absolute inspiration to start my HWMCO children's Organization. Not only will Micheal Jackson's qualities as the biggest artist of the world never be equaled, also he will simply never been forgotten for the great humanitarian he has been throughout his life. Micheal Jackson has changed the lives of many needy and vulnerable people, many of them children a better future through my organization.

The Irish Flag


The Irish flag symbolizes the great friends, families and people from Ireland who understand the meaning of charity and also representing the togetherness as one true family.

The Dutch Flag

The Dutch flag symbolizes all the Dutch people who have the heart of charity and representing the Dutch family which I visited and welcomed me as well as them loving the Organization I am running in Uganda.

The Israel Flag


The Israel flag symbolizes God's love upon the children and HWMCO Organization and also represents the Israel people, families who have the heart of Charity and supporting children.

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