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Importance of Education

Education plays a big role in Uganda. Our children are the future and we are most aware of the importance of investing in them. It was because of the awareness that we made the word “We Build For The Future” the motto of HWMCO.

In our strong desire to build our children a better future, we introduce a plan that aims at making it possible for all the children to attend Primary School “Child fund sponsorship.

Schools in Uganda
In Uganda, Primary school for children starts at the age of 5 years and goes from Nursery, Primary 1 to Primary 7. The school year starts in February and divided into three terms at the end of each of which the children receive a small report.

The school days starts early morning from 7:00am and lasting until 6:00pm evening, and classes run from Monday to Friday, although some students attend on Saturday as well mainly primary 5 to primary 7.

The children must pass a national exam, which is officially called “Primary Leaver Exam” done mainly by primary 7, passing that exam means that children will have access to other education level.

As HWMCO, we only focus on the Primary education with only children under the Organization to obtain the Primary Leaver Certificate.

Evaluation and Monitoring
With good partnership with the school, HWMCO makes frequent visit for the purpose of monitoring the children. Direct communication with the Headmaster and teachers following the children’s weakens and performance.

The agreement made by school to make report (information of child’s performance, behavior, time and health) every closing  of the term.

Sponsoring a child
To sponsor a child each school requires that the following items be paid.
School fees, scholastic materials, meals are paid three time a year at the beginning of the term.
School uniform costs are paid once a year.

Tuition Cost Per Year, in Euros (approximate)
HWMCO is focused on building the future of the needy vulnerable children only in Primary level and if you would like to sponsor the education of a child, HWMCO will cooperate and work with you.

Level                                                   Cost

Nursary Level                                    €200

Primary Level                                    €250

If you have any questions or if you have decided that you are interested in actively contribute to a better future for the needy vulnerable children by financially supporting them in Primary School education, then please send an email to Your help will be much appreciated both by the children, their parents and HWMCO.

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

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