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HWMCO Children

We thank you all who are supporting us and giving us a bright future, we shall always do everything with all your support so that we become great children in this world and we help our fellow new generation who are coming, we share with them the true heart of love, giving and sharing as we build our country Uganda and other Nations where God will send us.

Thanks you all for supporting us and our amazing Organization HWMCO which has brought light in our lives.


We the management and the team of HWMCO take this opportunity to appreciate and thank everyone who is supporting us both financially, voluntarily and spreading of the children’s work plus the Organization. We are here to serve and make a difference; it is your support that has made a difference in the children. We thank you all and may the almighty God bless you all as we heal this world and build the future of these innocent poor children. Thank you…thank you!

HWMCO – We Build For The Future.

Together we can.


heal the world

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