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Miracle Joy Center

The Miracle Joy Center will be the place which will save thousands of children who are suffering with various problems in their lives. This includes children who have no families/ relatives, those who were affected by wars, those who live on street, those who don’t have food to eat, those who don’t go to school, those who were affected by domestic violence and discrimination, those who have no access to clean good water, those lacking clothes and lastly those who want to receive true love and associating with other fellow children across the world. All children will be given free access and freedom to participate in positive and developmental skills and talents for their good future.

The Miracle Joy Center (MJ Center) will be the paradise and heaven to all the children were only Joy, Peace, Love and Prosperity are the key foundation to their success and living. This Center will have all the facilities that the children enjoy very much until they grow up and become leaders of the nations.

The Miracle Joy Center (MJ Center) shall have first the self-sustaining projects which will be done by the children inform of teaching. They will be also a playing ground for children were children will come together to express Love and joy plus unity. They will be a Garden covered with flowers were children relax during their leisure time enjoying the beauty of the place and flesh winds around the location. They will be a swimming pool; this will help the children to engage in different activities which will help them with their future talents. They will be a small ZOO, where some little animals will be allocated, mainly is to teach the children about nature and wildlife. They will be a Farm where we shall grow different crops and food staff like Potatoes, Beans, Maize, Bananas etc and also rearing of some animals like Cows, Goats, Chicken etc this is mainly for feeding the children and having a balanced diet which will make them grow well of the body and mind.

The Miracle Joy Center (MJ Center) shall have also the theater place where children will perform their Music, Dance and Drama. The place will conduct shows and meeting which develop the children. They will be a Holy place where children will express the freedom of worship to God and be in his presence because God is the one who gives us the power to do what is needed. The main offices of Heal the World Miracle Community Organization will be in this place. They will be an educational building in the place in sort of a Vocational school which will be for educating the children. Access to good flesh drinking water will be provided by all children and with clothing. They will be parking for all visitors that come all over the world to meet the children, either to volunteer, sponsor or participate with our diary activities.

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