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Miracle Joy Bracelets

This is an initiative started mainly to teach the children of all kinds from different families the skill of using their hands productive to earn a living. Teaching the children arts and crafts does not only increase and stimulate their potential of making beautiful things with their hands; it will also help them provide themselves a small necessary income in their futures. We teach them how to make bracelets, baskets among others. The crafts, all of them created with great love and dedication, are sold on local markets with proceeds from them flowing back into the organization.

This was one way to make the children, youth busy and active because it makes them concentrate much on their work thus reducing on the immoralities like stealing, fighting, criminality, Gambling and any other bad behaviors. The bracelets can be ordered from all over the world from our website

The bracelets are made of love from the children and contribute a lot to their lives.



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