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Miracle Joy Brassband

Music is so much more than a series of notes and rhythm. It is a universal language that exists in each and every culture. It can reach deep into the human spirit, providing a connection in a way that words simply cannot. It is said to be the language of the heart. When you are involved in music, more parts of your brain are being activated than with almost anything else. Music affects our memory by activating both the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously, which results in an increase in the brain’s capacity to gain knowledge and retain information. We want to encourage the children to experience the joy of making music as well as to develop their musical talents. Therefore, we offer them two activities that involve music.

Playing music instruments; thanks to generous donations of brass band instruments by some of the donators, we could start teaching the children how to play these; in the future we want to expand the program by offering the children a bigger variety of instruments to play.

Cultural songs; singing is also a wonderful way of being involved with music. Besides teaching the children traditional Ugandan songs, we also pay attention to songs from all over the world

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